Below, you will find some free tabs with licks and exercises!

Click on titles for PDF files. If you wish to have the files in GPX, GP5, MIDI, ASCII, WAV, MusicXML or PNG format, feel free to send me a message.

DISCLAIMER: These are original works, composed and transcribed by myself.

Bbm11 arpeggio – An example of creative arpeggio use and connecting arpeggio patterns, applicable in all keys and minor/minor 7 tonalities.

G# Phrygian alternate picking run – Three-string alternate picking run in the mode of G# Phrygian (3rd degree of E Major).

C diminished arpeggio sequence – WITHOUT sweep picking! – How you can play two-string diminished arpeggio sequences without the sweep picking technique.

G Dorian legato lick – 32nd note legato run in the mode of G Dorian (2nd degree of F Major). Pick the first note on each string very gently for extra fluency.

F# Minor (Aeolian) Alternate/hybrid picking lick – This lick idea combines alternate and hybrid picking.

Intervalic exercise – An exercise for practicing both hand dexterity and intervalic movement on the fretboard. Articulation is all alternate picking. Pay close attention to the fingering!

Minor pentatonic triplet sequence –  Minor pentatonic exercise, where you play the the minor pentatonic scale as a sequence in triplets (groups of 3 eighth notes). This means you repeat each first note of every triplet. This exercise starts with an upbeat, putting the accent on the first note of each triplet. This example is in the key of A Minor, but you can play it in all keys!

Chromatic legato exercise – Chromatic fretting hand strength and legato exercise in 32nd note groups of 10. Pick the first note on the high E string only! Play every other first note on each string using a hammer-on from nowhere. Tip: start the exercise slowly and build up the speed as you go.

Tapped diminished sequence – Another lick idea using tapping technique with diminished triads on one string in a sixteenth note sequence.

E Lydian legato run – Stretchy legato lick in the mode of E Lydian (4th degree of B Major) in the style of Joe Satriani. Hammer-ons from nowhere and slided position shifts, here we go! 😉

Eb Mixolydian legato run in groups of 7 – Another legato run, this time an Eb Mixolydian (5th degree of Ab Major) lick in 16th note groups of 7. Only pick the first note. Every other first note on each new string is played as a hammer-on from nowhere.

5-String Arpeggios with inversions – 5-string A Major and A Minor triadic arpeggio patterns and their inversions. Apply the sweep picking technique for maximum efficiency, accuracy and cleanness. The first 4 bars are in root position, bars 5-8 in 1st inversion, bars 9-12 in 2nd inversion. (Instructions in PDF in Dutch, translated to English here)

B Minor Triplet Lick – 2-string lick in triplets with slides position shifts, combining both B Natural Minor (Aeolian/6th degree of D Major) and B Minor Pentatonic. The first note, 14 on the D string, is slided. The other notes on the D string, each being the first note of each triplet, are palm-muted to add percussiveness to the lick, placing the accent on the second note of each triplet. Quick and easy way to play horizontally across the fretboard, rather than up and down!