Dear reader, 

Unfortunately, I do not have time for transcription services at the moment. 

Feel free to check out the free licks below, nevertheless. 🙂

Apologies for any inconvenience caused. 

– Lennert

Do you compose guitar and/or bass parts for your (band’s) music, but not have the time, resources or necessary skills to write them out?

I offer guitar and bass tablature and standard notation transcription services using Guitar Pro 6!
Final files can be converted into PDF, GPX, GP5, MIDI, ASCII, MusicXML, WAV and PNG formats.

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DISCLAIMER: These are original works, composed and transcribed by myself.

Bbm11 arpeggio – An example of creative arpeggio use, applicable in all keys and minor/minor 7 tonalities.

Arpeggios: C diminished – WITHOUT sweep picking – How you can play two-string diminished arpeggio sequences without the sweep picking technique.

Lick in F#m – This lick idea combines alternate picking and hybrid picking.

Intervalic exercise – An exercise for practicing both hand dexterity and intervalic movement on the fretboard. Articulation is all alternate picking. Pay close attention to the fingering!

Tapped diminished sequence – Another lick idea using tapping technique with diminished triads on one string in a sixteenth note sequence.

E Lydian legato run – Stretchy legato lick in the mode of E Lydian (4th degree of B Major) in the style of Joe Satriani. Hammer-ons from nowhere and slided position shifts, here we go! 😉